For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government

house of representatives Federal ParliamentAchieve amazing power and influence with decision makers

FairGO Provides:

A non party bridge between people and powerful politicians using strategies and techniques to solve your problems faster and easier.

house of representatives Federal Parliament

Influencing government by polite, persistent, political persuasion has produced truly amazing results for the past 35 years. Join FairGO’s Voters Network now to help shape Australia’s future

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The impact of your votes and voices on the work of your elected parliamentary representatives should not be under-estimated. It can produce results to be enjoyed by thousands for centuries.

barrier reef Balanced judgement about what gets done requires ideas and suggestions from all segments of society. FairGO makes sure that everyone gets a say that is heeded by decision-makers


perth Voter input is the rock on which Good Government depends.

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Votergrams have restored the concept of “Government by the people” which is essential to “Government for the people”.