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6 NOV 2017

That is to get involved, work with others, tell politicians what you want and vote them out of office if they don't do it.

Of course politicians cannot do everything every voter wants because we all want many different things.

However, most of us agree on  a whole lot of things that could be done to improve the lives of Australians.

We might agree on some of these:-

Protecting our environment has positive results on our lives

If all children and youths receive good education, Australia can earn more money providing goods and services to the rest of the world

Women and children should not be abused physically or sexually

Those who earn the highest annual incomes should pay the highest rates of tax

All tax avoidance and evasion should be banned so that everybody pays tax according to one simple basic principle.

Basic health care should be available to everybody, not dependent on wealth.

Financial literacy taught to all students would help prevent them being preyed on by unscrupulous predators.

Inexpensive housing could easily be provided by developing our inland cities, with more jobs provided in that very process.

Governments should serve the other 95% of the population as well as they serve the richest 5%.

When CEOs receive bonuses for increasing profit, it is not just produced by the effort of one person but by the whole team they lead and so everyone in that team should receive a bonus set at the same % of their normal salary or wage as the % bonus the CEO received relative to his or her normal salary.

If you have thoughts on any of these matters you might like to join www.voters.network and subscribe  for Advanced Access so that we can chat about them online and then campaign to have our elected politicians do in government what we, the voters, want done. Your $44 will help fund the network and you might even like to becopme a Hub Leader.

Hub leaders are allocated $20 our of every $44 paid by voters in their network. They also receive $10 from the subs of voters in hubs which they help their voters establish. voters.network is a genuine and  diverse network in which the power rests with the individual voters not a central committee. In that respect it is quite unique.

Women of abusive partnerships living in cars with the kids? No way!!

Of course they should not be. There are so many aspects to this issue and so many different solutions, but in the end it takes our politicians to solve it using the taxes we contribute.

If you want to protect women and children reasonably quickly, join
voters.network now. It has 30 years experience in solving such issues. We voters elect and pay politicians who control government funds, laws and services. Networking gives the voting numbers who add strength to any campaign.

These women and children deserve to enjoy better lives. Let’s work with them and for them to see they do.

Young Australians will never be able to own their own homes? What nonsense !!

Of course every Australian should be able to own their own home and it does not necessarily have to be in a high rise made of flammable material, or in a capital city. There are many solutions to the housing crisis that threatens to stop Australians enjoying their most basic right and their best path to reasonable wealth, their own homes.

This problem is directly caused by the actions and inactions of the politicians we voters elect and pay. They can just as easily fix it, but we will need to persuade them to do it.

Voters.network is about voters persuading politicians and networking is about building the numbers of votes that make some politicians more responsive.

Join voters.network and help make it happen. Together we can do it!

Voters win 1st round in The Great Australian Tax Battle with  Billionaire Businesses.

No more company tax rate cuts according to the Sydney Morning Herald.  Parliamentary Budget Office figures indicate that the cuts to company tax while personal taxes rise annually would be unacceptable to voters. Our arguments have been accepted by some of those in power.

The clever plan by big business to secure tax cuts for companies earning billions would have pushed taxes onto voters and starved government of funds.

Currently there is a dispute between the tax office and four companies in respect of $4 billion. The arguments are only about the wording of our tax laws which could easily be fixed if MPs wished to.

Global tax evasion works like this. Goods cost $500m to make and sell for $1 billion ($1,000m) . If the sale is made in Australia the $500m is taxed at company rates. But if the product is sold to a Singapore associate company for $550m and onsold from Singapore for $1 billion ($1,000m) the $50m only is taxed in Australia. Australians are deprived of tax on $450 million. That is a lot of education and health care that is not given. These schemes are devised by lawyers and accountants who themselves receive huge pay for doing so.

The next phase of the campaign for fairer taxes is to get businesses paying the GST like voters do, by abolishing the input credits. These allow businesses to recover from the GST they collect from customers, all the GST those businesses have paid on their purchases of goods and services. GST is pure and simple a political fraud on the Australian voters.

Australia cannot provide the education, health, planning, defence and welfare services a well as essential infrastructure without taxing the super rich at appropriate rates. Big business does not have trouble raising funds like unlisted family businesses do.

Even back in the 1970’s the big businesses paid a higher rate of tax. Tax on profits over $5m should be raised to 35%. Tax on personal income of over $1m per year should be raised to 50%. All tax avoidance schemes should be illegal with the law changed to eventually set personal and company tax rates the same. That would stop people diverting their income to companies.

The tax enemies of the Australian people are partly the big businesses, accountants and lawyers who devise the tax avoidance schemes, but mostly they are the politicians who pass laws that allow tax avoidance and judges who find in favour of tax cheats.

Of those the ones voters can most easily influence are the politicians.

Greg (former FCA, CPA, ACIS)

Do you get angry at what your Australian governments are doing?

Do you wish they built better lives for Australian instead of politicians fighting each other for power?

If any of the stories in today’s media worry you and you want to influence government policy and action, please contact us at FairGO and join voters.network.
For 30 years we have been helping ordinary Australians, small family businesses and farmers change government decisions. Bad government is inexcusable as is negligent government.

The fact is that we have some extremely good Members of Parliament who will go out of their way to help you, if approached in the right way. FairGO is a specialist at helping voters influence government. It started with the Votergram service which has operated for the past 30 years, quietly taking any voter’s message to all members of parliament. So much has been achieved by active, concerned voters.

If you are worried about energy prices and climate change, then let us help you make your views known.

Do you resent big business controlling government, lobbying to cut its own taxes to starve the government of money for infrastructure and services so that big business can provide them at a very handsome profit and the banks can finance the projects to earn their own super-profits.

Will the new head of ASIC change the banking culture of lending customers into profit then bleeding them dry or will his past career with Goldman Sachs during the GST make him more on side with the banks, as ASIC has been for years?

Is it good enough that the NBN is the subject of over 100,000 complaints or should we put pressure on our politicians to get this mess cleaned up fast so that Australia does not fall behind the rest of the world in IT services?

Did you see the comment by the Treasury Secretary that people were realising just how inexpensive housing is in regional cities and buying there? In the past week I have visited Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Narromine and Parkes in NSW and seen the huge increase in the size of these beautiful cities. One could afford housing there on a lot less pay than in Sydney and raise families in far more freedom and a much cleaner environment. It is truly amazing to see what these cities have to offer instead of the fire-prone high-rise home units and office blocks in capital cities that are nothing less than death traps for those unfortunate enough  to occupy them and the continually clogged roads that waste our time.

If you want better government or better lives for your family, consider joining voters.network with access to FairGO’s expertise at persuading politicians to do the right thing and Votergrams to make sure they all know what you want and why it will be good for the vast majority of Australians , or perhaps your relative who is being denied proper service by a government.

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