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A Votergram is a personal concise message from a voter of a maximum 100 words. It goes to each Member of  Parliament. It produces results because it is carefully worded; MPs know it has no party-political context; responses are monitored; they are attended to and those politicians credited with being helpful. It is a package, not just a message service.
It is a tool in the Community Campaigner’s Democracy Toolbox.
The fees charged make a contribution towards costs.

What makes Votergrams effective?
Votergrams are well known in Parliaments. Fairgo carefully monitors MP's replies and collates them.  At election time, each response is sorted by issue and quality of response per MP. These are then graded for responsiveness and publicised. See the Politicians Honour Roll. This enables voters to re-elect the most helpful MPs. It also helps to encourage them to respond to voters who send Votergrams

Composition: A Votergram message by the sender must say what what they want, explain why they want it and in some way ask for a reply.

To send a Votergram email: votergrams@internode.on.net with your message in the text section and the title you would like on the subject line.
Phone Greg or Pat on 02 9988 3312 or 0428 417 496

The Politicians' Honour Roll - See how we rate them

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