Aboriginal voices to parliament

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The “First Nations voice to parliament” will be in due course determined.

Meanwhile most thinking Australians can see that in terms of money, housing, health and education services Aboriginal First Nations people are suffering multi-generational PTS from rape, child kidnapping, murder and land theft at the hands of early governments and settlers. Few of us would survive that well.

The market value of land stolen at gun point from the Aboriginals who owned it, is booming like never before. How does that “Advance Australia Fair”?

What puzzles me is that each Aboriginal First Nations Australian has for 35 years, like every other Australian, had access to the very effective and inexpensive Votergram service to take their requests, suggestions, needs, ideas and criticisms, directly to each of the 227 Federal MPs.

Yet none have used it to have an effective voice on matters that affect them. Why Not?

Recently the Votergram service has been offered to them free of charge but still none have used it as a Voice to Parliament. Why?

The most effective voice to parliament is not necessarily that of a non-voting organisation to ministers. It is a voice from many individual voters in many individual electorates to each and every Member of Parliament. That sends a ballot box message and it gives each of 227 Federal MPs a chance to initiate what is wanted.

Using Votergrams does not in any way exclude any other concept of a Voice to Parliament. The m ore different ways they communicate what they want the more likely they are to get it.


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