Aussies Get a Fair Go by Votergram

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Two groups harmed can’t get authorities to act. One group does:

1 Sanjay Joseph, scammed of $100,000 in a home purchases transaction (SMH 6/10/21), which he mostly recovered, says he could not get the assistance he needed from  nab, AFCA or Police.

2 Elite swimmers claiming to have been sexually assaulted as children by their swimming coach  could not as adults get action by authorities.

3. 8 teenage girls with pre-booked and paid seats on a country train were refused their seats and put off the train in the central west by the conductor. Following  Votergrams to 130 state MPs a senior rail executive visited the father  who organised the trip to apologise and the conductor was called before a disciplinary tribunal and cautioned or sacked.

 Votergrams are easy, cheap & effective. MPs become the Champions of the people when asked properly by Votergram .

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