Voter Victory for Vaccine

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Hearty congratulations are due to Professor Nikolai Petrovsky and his team at Flinders University in South Australia for their development of the protein-based vaccine Covax-19. Part of its significance is in being protein based. This type of vaccine has been used over many decades.

Congratulations to the more than 8,000 Australians who have chipped in $874,000 so far of their own money to assist Professor Petrovsky’s team to pay the very substantial fees and other costs involved in applying for TGA approval. Most would be Australian voters wondering why the government had not contributed more funding assistance. This is a prime example of what determined Australians can do when they set their minds to it.

We thank and congratulate those voters who have personally sent Votergrams to every Federal MP with persuasive reasons why those MPs should encourage the TGA to proceed with all diligence in assessing this vaccine for broad distribution to the Australian community and to assist its developers. We believe that the vaccine is already in use overseas and accepted for travellers to NZ.

We thank the many MP who have received, understood and acted upon those Votergrams to see this Aussie vaccine progressed properly with the possibility that it may even be safer, longer-lasting and more effective against Covid variants than some of the vaccines currently in use.

It is indeed pleasing to see the vaccine update on the Gofundme site –  Bring Covax-19 Vaccine back to Australia and the TGA listing showing the provisional determination effective from 15 December 2021 which is an early step in the process for ultimate approval.

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