How can this be? It is simply not fair.

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Teachers taught writing in the 1940s & ‘50s but cant teach it now!!

A regulated casino is deemed not fit to hold a licence; pays $100m and is allowed to continue operating! Big corruption?

Medicare (taxpayers) robbed of $8 billion1

Political donations and fundraisers deliver favours to donors. Pure corruption! What about 100% government funding, for those who do not accept any other funding

Pork barrelling pleases voters and politicians but disadvantages those in safe electorates! What about a ban on grants in 12 months preceding election?

Federal politicians pass Credit Act to prevent skilled consultants not in the pay of the moneylenders (bankers) from rescuing destitute borrowers facing foreclosure. More corruption!

It can be because voters have failed to direct their parliamentary representatives to Advance Australia Fair, leaving MPs at the mercy of the self-interested and corrupt.

We need a fair Australia as our National Anthem proclaims. Only voters themselves can make this happen, because only they get to choose who represents them in parliament and what those politicians do. Voters Network gives voters the best chance of guiding our society to deliver a fair go to all Australians.

Time to take control voters and guide government through your elected representatives (MPs)

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