Bank customers deserve a fair go but need help to get it.

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Getting a fair go includes being treated fairly by banks when depositing money or borrowing it. Sadly since de-regulation some banks have paid a lot more attention to looking after bigger and better billion-dollar profits than looking after customers. Finding the fairest bank is worthwhile.

“Why would anyone invest their money on term deposit with the major banks at 3.35% when the government also guarantees term deposits placed with Macquarie Bank at 4.1%, AMP at 4.1% and Rabobank at 3.9%”, asks banking consultant GBAC?

With business and farm loans, GBAC offers it’s Loan Apps for borrowers wanting the best rates as well as best  charges and terms to suit the specific enterprise. Bargaining with the banks is the only way that GBAC believes borrowers get  fair go. Brokers serve the interests of the banks that pay them. GBAC and Loan Apps serve the customers because the bank customers pay them – a lot less than the banks pay the brokers.

GBAC invites readers to phone 0428 417 496 to chat about what works best.

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