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Full page ad in the paper today by GetUp and some of those 1 million Aussies happy to delegate their political power and influence to the one skilled and strong voice of GetUp.

Because “Power tends to corrupt”, Votergrams, on the other hand, spread it around all over Australia. That is less corrupting and more gently persuasive, as it comes from actual individual voters in many electorates who are able to campaign in other electorates as well as their own.

The other 16 million Aussie voters not in GetUp have Turbo charged Votergram Voices instantly available. They retain in their own hands power over each issue of interest to them.

Votergrams multiply the voice of each Aussie voter by the number of MPs to which it is delivered directly. That can be up to 600 MPs in all parliaments.

We know that a V8 generally has more power than a straight 4 and turbocharged V12 has even more. The Votergram to Federal Parliament is a V225. To NSW it is a V130.

Members of Parliament are the heroes of our day and the foundations of our democracy. It is so easy to criticise them, but so few of us would try to please 5 million NSW voters or 17 million federal ones all at the same time on any one issue, let alone all the time on all the issues. Protests are about confrontation. Votergrams can claim over 4 decades of cooperation between voters and their elected parliamentary representatives. It has worked very well and very pleasantly for all concerned. Differences can be discussed and resolved. Nobody is insulted or bullied.

Only a certain number of voters and a certain number of MPs will be interested in any one issue enough to seriously do something about it.

The majority of those MPs interested in any one issue can usually be persuaded by the majority of voters interested in that issue, provided that those voters  clearly ask for and explain  fair and just changes or assistance. Polite, persistent political persuasion in the privacy of Parliament Pays off.

Next time you want to exercise your Voter Power, raise your Voter’s Voice and influence society of some section of it, let your Votergram voice be heard in the corridors of power by the most powerful people in the country.

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