Mortgage Prison or Debt Trap?

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There is talk about “getting out of mortgage prison” today. But it is really a “Debt Trap” set by skilled moneylenders who knew the rates would rise from historic lows to trap unwary borrowers.

The last people a small business owner would ask for the way out would be a free financial counsellor funded by those same moneylenders, because that might be the most expensive way out.

The best way out is to turn the tables on the moneylenders. That gives borrowers a fair go.

Find out what they have done wrong then convince them to open the trap-door or endure yet another scandal.

FairGO’s founder’s consultancy,  GBAC came into being when Politicians let Banks avoid regulation in the 1980’s. It was necessary because they saw they could make billions and earn multi-million dollar salaries by screwing borrowers. GBAC helps borrowers screw them back, in the nicest of ways.

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