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Hoping does not help!

How can you get a fair go from government? You compete with Big Business leaders paying $10,000 for a meal  with politicians and donating thousands to political parties. Does the government really not care about you? It is not going to just happen because you hope it will.

Parliament holds the power!

The government barely knows you exist, let alone what you want, unless someone tells it. Parliament is the only part of government over which you, as a voter, have control. Politicians need to know what you want. But you must tell all MPs to reach the ones who will help you. They will tell the executive government. Parliament controls it!

Have your say the Votergram way!

The easiest way to have your say to parliament is the Votergram way. The  highly trusted and successful Votergram service has run since late last century. It gives each Australian voter instant access to all of the most powerful people in the country, their politicians.  Politicians, the Members of Parliament (MPs) do work for the people when approached by Votergrams. Politicians are keen to help because their careers depend on the votes of people like you. By gently guiding government, Votergrams are far more subtle and strategically successful than public protest which tends to build confrontation on both sides.

Votergrams are an incredibly cheap way for a person to get good housing, health care, education, aged care or pay packet. It is true “You don’t have to suffer in silence”. But democracy is a voter-driven form of government. The more voters working with you to drive it in the right direction, the more it will do what you want. That is where Voters Network gives voters more power than the Big Business people paying $10,000 to have a meal with a politician and to donating to a political party.

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