For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government


Find out who your representative is via links to the electoral office and parliament websites. >> click here.


This section of the FairGo website is where we rank politicians according to how well they respond to voters needs. We list the top 20 Australian politicians, ranked in order as well as which politicians responded to which issues and who ignored these issues. >> click here.

Local politicians are the most important to you

Your local politicians, members of parliament or the local council are your representatives. As such they should be doing what you want.

They are the only people in government over whom you have any direct control (through your votes).

For you to make the most of democracy you should build a good relationship with each one who is elected by a vote you cast in your electorate.

You should join and confer with fellow residents of that electorate to decide what your representatives should be doing on your behalf.
The voters network forum is ideal for that.

Then each resident should email the local MP or councillor to say what they want done.


Because parliament is a voting forum where the majority rules, each of your residents should use the Votergram service to tell every member of parliament what your want done. Then when your local MP stands up and tells the other MPs about it they will have heard it from you voters. It is the voters' voices that carry a lot of weight in parliament.

Voters hire and fire MPs

That is because at every election, every few years, voters can hire or fire their MPs , their elected representatives.
Voters can be most effective in this way if they work together through Voters Network. Numbers count when it comes to voters and their votes.