For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government


Find out who your representative is via links to the electoral office and parliament websites. >> click here.


These are Members of Parliament who have been most helpful to voters who have approached them by Votergram. >> click here.

Local Politicians are the most important to you as they are your representatives in government.  They are the only onces in government that over whom you have direct control.  Their jobs depend on you.

Tell them what you want done by government-frequently.  They cannot do what you want unless you tell them what that is.

Recognise that they may be one of hundreds of MPs in parliament and therefore have very little personal authority.  They may not have seen your peak body's submission.

Phone 0428 417 496, 02 9988 3312 or email us if you wnat to influence government in some way

The voters network forum is ideal for you to express your view on issues that are handled by government.



Parliament is a voting forum where the majority rules.  FairGO helps you engage with all decision-making MPs.

Voters elect, re-elect or replace MPs

Look after the good MPs like gold and remove the bad ones like rubbish.

Voters gain strength by networking through Voters Network.  Numbers count in all matters of government because its purpose is to look after the vast majority.  

It is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.  However it is quite possible to please most of the people most of the time.  For that to happen people must let politicians know waht they want done. FairGO helps people from all walks of life do that in a very effective way, to ensure that they are in the group that is pleased most of the time.