For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
What's new
is a global change in favour of voters over political vested interests.

How has this happened?. Well I would say it began in Australia 30 years ago when we first launched the Votergram service, long before the internet. We made it possible for any Australian to contact every Member of Parliament on any issue. Those matters we have handled ranged from big national issues like the ID card, smoking and road toll to small personal ones like respite care for a patient or carer or a hoispital bed for a patient told there were none available, or a local school hall.

When consumer advocate Rapph Nader visited Australia he told me they had nothing like Votergrams in America.

What is new is that "the penny has finally dropped". Voters have realised that politiians have not been working in the interests of the general population but for wealthy vested interests. Indeed how could it be otherwise, when most voters stay silent while wealthy big businesses lobby like mad to get a big share of our resources and taxes and to pay as little tax as possible?

But the penny has dropped further. Voters globally have begun to realise that they can, if they put a little effort into it, control what goverment does. The media often describes that as "Populist". So what is wrong with government for the people, we might ask! FairGO was established for that sole purpose. No interest in who gets elected as long as governments do what voters want.

The revelation for the voting community is this. They need to focus their attention on their  local Members of Parliament as well as persuading a majority of <Ps in each parliament. For those local MPs  are the only ones they directly elect.  If voters re-elect only those local politicians who mostly do what they (the voters) want and replace those who don't, voters will end up with a government that works well with them to build a better, brighter and richer future for them and their children.

As we look at democratic runmblings in the UK, USA and Europe, we can be confident that all we have to do is get involved. If we give just 15 minutes a week to letting MPs know what we want done and rating whether or not they get it done, we will be on the road to success.


The alternative is continued neglect of the needs and wishes of the vast majority while the lobby-minded super rich exponetially increase their wealth because we neglect the people we elect and they neglect us in turn.