How to get a fair go in our busy and competitive society

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Surely everyone deserves to at least get a fair go. Yet in Australia that does not happen for everyone. Many people get treated very badly. My mother, when I was young and complained of something not being fair, would say “Life itself is not fair, so it is best to get used to it.”

Being a widow with three young children, she was treated quite unfairly by many people. But she taught me to work hard to make life as fair as I could.

It was for that reason that I formed FairGO in 1986.

If you are getting a rough trot from government, business or some organisation, email us at FairGO and briefly tell us what the problem is and what sort of solution might help you. We will apply ourselves and see what we can suggest to solve it.

One of the very best ways for you to get a fair go on almost any matter connected with a government department or body is to send a Votergram to the parliament that controls that particular government body. Parliament is the most powerful body in the country so when you call on it for help you bring in “the big guns” of influence.

If you want to get a fair go you must do something to make it happen. If you want to get a fair go from your bank in connection with a bank loan on which you are having repayment problems, we can usually show you how to get it from the bank, even when that seems almost impossible.

So remember that FairGO is there to help you get a fair go. That is why Australia’s National Anthem is “Advance Australia Fair”.

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