o Protest or Persuade? That is the Democracy Dilemma!

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Anti-Protest laws outlawed!
It is dangerous when politicians can stop people from protesting. First step towards totalitarian rule. That‘s how it is in China and Russia! Politicians are elected to serve us, not control us.

Protests Galore, but really, what for?
In any case, protest makes politicians look bad. They don’t like that any more than we would. It is sort of gang bullying.
We have seen protests from health workers, paramedics, pro-Palestinians and pro-Israelis, protests by teachers and protests about climate change.

Why protest when you can so easily persuade?
To protest is rude, impolite, confrontational, offensive to MPs and government, often creates more enemies than friends. It is so last century!!
Is protest how we would ask our family, friends, teenagers, parents or neighbours to do something we wanted? Hardly!
We would ask them politely, explain why we want it done, seeing it through their eyes.


Key to democracy
Unlock the power that democracy gives you personally to influence how society impacts on your life. Learn to master democracy and have it serve you. We no longer live under kings, queens and monarchs.
Check out the Votergram website to see just some of what it has enabled voters to achieve.

Persuasion is Preferable
Votergrams enable every Australian voter to persuade their government to do what they want if it is good and fair. Votergrams use Polite, Persistent, Political Persuasion, in the Privacy of Parliament.
Our elected politicians are the only people in government through which we have any power, because we elect them. They represent us & work for us! They are very helpful when asked properly.

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