Trouble with Transmission lines

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Farm profits down the drain

Farm profits can go down the drain fast when government utility construction staff enter a property. A farm loan can do the same if cashflow is affected. Gates are left open, fences knocked down, stock mistreated, fires started, creek crossings destroyed along with shelter belts and crops ground into the earth. GBAC consultants are farmers with an expertise in dealing with government. GBAC can be called in to make sure that any transmission construction across a farm is properly managed to have minimal impact on the farm finances and provide compensation if damage is done. Enforced transmission lines may have to be accepted, but the wise farmers will ensure that it is at least very profitable.


Don’t waste time with bureaucrats

Individuals often need to make sacrifices for the good of their nation, but when they do they should receive very generous compensation for doing so.

Farmers troubled by transmission lines should not waste time negotiating with bureaucrats or public servants over whom they have no control.

Go to those who can say “Yes”, not those who can say “No”

They should use cheap, simple and effective Votergrams to take their concerns directly to every Member of Parliament. MPs are the only segment of government over which farmers have any control. In a farmer’s role as a “Voter”, that farmer together with other farmers/voters, re-elects or replaces existing politicians according to whether those MPs do what those voters want.

Join Voters! and have other voters support you

Whether the farmers’ own electorate is safe or marginal is of no consequence. Anyone can campaign in a marginal electorate, but that is very rarely necessary. Votergram sow the seeds of ideas, around parliament to reach those interested politicians who do care about them, regardless of party. Those MPs who care will carry far more weight with the Minister and Transmission bureaucrats than any farmer ever will.

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Sowing seeds

This direct action by even a small number of farmers provides significant weight to the submissions of their farmer associations which are working hard with very detailed submissions to senior bureaucrats and the Minister. Bureaucrats are not answerable to the voters but MPs are.

You can’t grow a crop without sowing seeds down every row. You can’t guide government without sowing the seeds of your ideas to every parliamentarian by Votergram. Then some will take them up if they are good and fair.

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