Safety in a shopping centre like Bondi

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After disaster like Bondi we want to act.

Soon we move on. So does government.

In big crowded cities there are so many people up against others that some get forgotten, neglected, angry, ill. To be safe we need to solve the underlying causes. We can’t all wear bullet and knife proof vests or employ a body guard. But we can see that people with mental illnesses are properly looked after so that they do not go on a rampage with a knife or gun. It happens often enough in the US and too often here in Australia

You can, by Votergram, give each and every Member of Parliament your suggestions on how to stop serious mental health illnesses result in tragedy. Invest in your own safety and that of others. Send you suggestions to every federal and/or state MP.

You can help avoid this happening again. Votergrams even let you send your suggestion to each MP in both federal and state parliaments t. Tell 350 MPs what you want done while it is fresh in their minds. If it is good and fair they will most likely do it. Don’t wait until it is too late when a killing takes one of your family. It is no good acting then. Act early