Fair GO for women means stop the violence

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 Suggest Solutions

People march and chant that “somebody should do something”. Easy but ineffective. Politicians need solutions to “do”.

The role of the interested Australian is to suggest solutions to each and every Member of Parliament by Votergram.

Polite Persistent Political Persuasion in the Privacy of Parliament has been Proven to Pay off as the best Path to Progress.

Don’t leave violence against women to somebody else or the violence will never stop! Individual voters have the most power, not their non-voting organisations or protest marches. Leaving it to an organisation is lazy and also ineffective. MPs and parliaments are responsible to the voters who control their careers. They are not our leaders. Members of Parliament are our Representatives, though some will become leaders.

Use your vote to empower your voice

Chanting trite rhymes in a protest march might show solidarity, but it does not do much to provide solutions or persuade politicians. Many in the march will not change their vote on the basis of whether or not the government does what they want. They are mostly rusted on or rusted off the governing party.

Your vote + your voice = political power when used strategically. If you will not use your vote to stop violence against women then your voice is as a whisper in the wind – of no consequence at all. If you always support one party whether or not it ‘s policies offend or disappoint you, you train it to ignore you. Votergrams help you speak up persuasively to all MPs, regardless of political party. That is how democracy works best.

MPs are on your side

Most MPs are very helpful and keen to solve problems, but many men are very happy with their violence and abuse against women, because other men would not tolerate it and mostly have the strength and aggression to fight back. Men hold just as many votes as women and politicians are aware that many men do not want the violence which gives them power, to be curtailed.

Women physically, mentally and emotionally have not the strength or aggression to fight back. They are mostly loving caring people. So the violent men need to be stopped. Votergrams giving all MPs your idea on how to stop them will work well because parliament is a voting forum and the majority always rules.