Regional, Rural and Remote Australia’s Rights

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Regional, Rural and Remote  Australians are seriously deprived of what capital city Australians regard as their basic rights. Yet they have just as much right to decent housing, healthy care, education, roads, rail and air services as those living in capital cities Some produce much of our food and export income to allow us to buy from other countries.

This disregard of so many Aussies is caused by distance from parliament and silence from those regions. We know that the squeaky wheel, machine or Hills Hoist gets the oil to stop the squeak. It is the Active Voter who gets the government services, buildings and policies that they want. People often ask their local MP, but one local MP cannot have any significant impact in a parliament of 100 or 200 MPs, half of whom dislike the other half , ridicule and abuse them in parliament. Results come from asking every MP and carefully explaining  what is wanted and why.

What do you need?

What is bugging you? What do you or your community need from government? Why do you need it?

If you let us know, we can help you put your request before every Member of Parliament in a way that will encourage them to do what you want if it is fair and sensible.

Getting results

Most of us buy what we see on the supermarket shelf. That reminds us we need it. Our elected MPs, our representatives in Parliament, act the same way. They attend to those matters raised with them personally by us voters.  Personally, not via the media or making them look silly by protesting. The more MPs are asked, the more voters who ask and the more reasons given, the more the parliament is likely to make government do it.

Why? because that all adds up to votes and votes determine the careers of politicians and political parties.

1 voter sending 1 Votergram got generic medicines dispensed.  1 voter sending 1 Votergram got Victims Impact Statements introduced to court cases. 20 voters had smoking banned on commercial airlines world wide. 200 voters saved the Perisher Valley NSW community ski lodges. If we don’t, as voters, ask all MPs and explain what we want, then the MPs will not even know that we want it or why. They probably will not even know we exist.

The voter who Votergrams gets results. The silent majority is never heard and is assumed to be satisfied with what they have.

Voters Network
Greg, a Chartered Accountant formed FairGO in 1986 then developed Voters  and Votergrams to help Australian votes become “political persuaders”. Like his grandfather and great-grandfather, he ran both sheep and cattle in rural Australia. He also in his professional capacity consulted and audited some of the largest farming enterprises in remote Australia from the Kimberleys to the Red Centre, King Island and Cape York Peninsular over the past 40 years.

Every Australian deserves a fair go and many are not getting it. They mostly just need to ask in the right way. Votergrams do it through polite persistent political persuasion in the privacy of parliament.

Greg and Pat are here to help. If there is something government can do for you, but is not doing, call on 02 9988 3312, 0428 417 496 or 0422907155. Email , . Tell your friends. They may not know.

We are based in Sydney but empower Australians everywhere.