For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
Welcome Fellow Voters!
Are you hurting ? Overworked and underpaid? Overburdened by debt? Ignored by government?
Stand with Strength
FairGO may be the solution you’ve been desperately looking for...
For over 30 years we have quietly helped 1000s solve social, personal, farming & business issues.

Talk to us about how we regularly achieve near miracles. No joke!
Hornsby Hospital and Neringah Hospital have both been kept open and expanded thanks to representations by voters working together to thwart government plans to close them.
We understand the pressure you are often under. You need society working with you, not against you.
Thanks Greg. Singapore Airlines actually stumped up a beautiful Christmas hamper, so whilst they say they couldn’t do much as it was really Malaysian Airlines issue, they have been quite generous with their “sorry”
Typically, voters coming to us can expect to achieve most of what they want, most of the time.
Safe drivers now receive a 50% rebate on their licence renewal and the road toll is down from 17 per 100,000 of population to under 5 per 100,000. That’s 1,000 people p.a. not being killed thanks to the persistent urging of members of Voters Network.
There is nothing that excites us more than helping you to get:
  • An enjoyable life in an affordable home in a nice area, with a rewarding career
  • Life’s social and financial challenges solved as they arise.
  • Well represented in every way by elected Members of Parliament who support you.
Typically, voters working with us can expect to achieve most of what they want most of the time if they go about it the right way.
I am writing to thank you for your ongoing effort in persuading  politicians...the first stage of our new school building has been funded and is due to commence very shortly.”  Secretary, Rural NSW school  P & C (school name withheld)

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