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FairGO aims to help Australian voters with national, local or personal issues.
"Almost anyone can influence government for good if they do it properly. Without any party preferences, FairGO exists to help ordinary voters to influence government via elected politicians." - Greg Bloomfield, Founder.

Use this website as a resource to help you persuade state and federal politicians, in the most effective way, about issues that matter to you.

Enjoy justice and better government service. Contact politicians using our Votergrams for as little as $25. Politicians rank much higher than Fair Trading or the Ombudsman and can easily question or direct the public service.

FairGO does not have any political party affiation or preferences
FairGO manages political persuasion campaigns for individuals, community groups, micro and small to medium sized businesses seeking better, fairer government outcomes.
FairGO is national facilitator voters.network, providing all Australian voters with a facility to better influence their elected representatives and to rate how well those MPs represent them.

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