For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government

How voters have changed their lives and the lives of others with FairGO's assistance.

In cases cited below, names have been changed to protect privacy.

Cyber bullying

Voters quietly persist with this campaign battling deliberate loopholes built into laws that make "intention" the key element because what a person "intends" is hard to prove. It therefore protects violent criminals and enriches lawyers. Voters may well ask why politicians pass laws like this. Some people may guess.


Given that members of major political parties have been proven to be corrupt, it is inconceivable that their colleagues would not have known or suspected what they were doing. Therefore it is impossible for voters to tell which are the honest MPs and which corrupt ones. Voter involvement in the whole process of how our country is run, is the best way to prevent or identify corruption. Join Voters Network and help

Respite care on Sydney's North Shore

The mother of a young man with motor neurones disease asked a Residents Roundtable if it would seek more extensive respite care for yound people like her son. The members of the local Voters Network sent one of FairGO's Votergram to state Parliament and within a couple of months she was advised that the respite facilities had been expanded for her son and others.

Provocation defence for murder

This was a staggering example of how the law works to protect criminals rather than victims, because MPs who make the laws often support their criminal friends who want women as their slaves & possessions. After pressure by voters with FairGO’s assistance we have seen this defence substantially dumped.

Road deaths and injuries reduced

Following a spate of fatal truck and bus crashes, voters were told the road toll was "intractable", i.e. could not be reduced. Two hundred of them commenced a “Roadwatch” campaign through FairGO to reduce the road toll from 17 people killed in crashes per 100,000 or the population. Using Votergrams to enlighten politicians of the causes, they reduced the road toll to 5 per 100,000, saving 1,000 lives every single year. More recently the government has accepted our request that safe drivers be rewarded with a discount on license renewal costs. It took just n Votergram to secure a 50%, $33 million license renewal discount. You can join the Roadwatch campaign for safe roads.

Affordable Medicines

With one Votergram to all MPs a very kind pharmacist convinced Members of Parliament to have pharmacies allowed to dispense generic medicines which were cheaper.Another win!! With one votergram an elderly musician convinced the Minister for Health to extend the listing of aflibercept (Eylea®), a medicine to treat age-related macular degeneration to existing patients who had been excluded.

Preschool funding

One parent of a pre-school denied the normal government subsidy for some obscure reason sent one Votergram to parliament on the issue. She was knocked back with a nonsense explanation, so sent another Votergram and got the subsidy retrospectively.


When an increase in award pay rates forced up costs which state and federal governments refused to cover, a parent/director of a major body creating home care and educational opportunities for severely disable people asked FairGO to manage a presentation to government as they would have had to close the facility without the funding. FairGO obtained the award details and the joint state/federal government funding agreement. FairGO informed the home’s directors that governments were indeed liable to fund the increase. Parents then sent Votergrams to parliament explaining the government’s responsibility and the adverse impact politicians were having on their children. With FairGO’s assistance they not only received from the government the money they needed but a significant amount extra. One parent wrote to FairGO from the North Coast:"Thank you for your great help regarding funding for the school." Jan Wiles.

Cerebral Palsy is a terrible disability that frustrates its sufferers enormously

The parents of a young NSW man in his 30’s approached FairGO because he wanted to move from home where his parents attended to his every need, into a home in Canberra. He lived near the ACT/NSW border. Having long battled the bureaucracy to achieve their son’s wishes without success his parents asked FairGO for assistance. FairGO helped them raise the matter with NSW and ACT MPs and an arrangement was negotiated that achieved exactly what the young man wanted and so richly deserved. His Dad later wrote: "Hi Greg, Bill is being looked after well in his present accommodation, so thanks for all your help." Neville.
He wrote again next Christmas: "Thank you for everything you have done for us. Bill is going OK and comes home every second weekend." Neville

Trucking Terror

- Another win!! After years of lobbying, through our Roadwatch campaign, for governments to provide a safe workplace for the trucking industry and other road users

Ski Fields

FairGO helped voters in community based ski lodges ensure that the NSW Government retains control of leases in the Perisher Range ski fields in the Snowy Mountains, rather than granting a Head Lease to a private company which was making strong demands to take over the ski fields.


Community members concerned about the impact of DES (the anti-miscarriage drug diethylstilboestrol) on women, particularly DES daughters, have successfully campaigned through FairGO and using Votergrams for a link from the Department of Health and Ageing website to the informative US "DES Update". Advising FairGO of their success, one of their number wrote "I thank you and your colleagues for all your help and I have absolutely no doubt that the Votergrams jogged this issue along"

Mental Health treatment, funding & recognition

FairGO has gladly assisted two dedicated ladies to make significant changes to mental health treatment. Both came to FairGO because relatives were not receiving the right treatment. FairGO strategies paired with Votergrams to politicians produced the desired results for the two patients and have enabled these ladies to continue with significant reforms to the system.
Join us in this ongoing campaign to improve mental health healing treatments and facilities

Foster care

Use of votergrams to support the Minister’s reforms has also produced results.


Voters have engaged FairGO to help them persuade politicians that Sydney and Melbourne need to seriously slow their growth rate, restrict immigration and provide the services and infrastructure to suit their existing populations before any additional growth is considered. Those voters consider that substantial limits on immigration and development of inland cities would greatly assist the government catch-up needed.

School Buildings

Parents of children at one rural school in the NSW Central West have used FairGO’s expertise and services to obtain first air conditioned classrooms and then some time alter assembly facilities, which they had been previously been told would not be available for years if ever.
The Honorary Secretary of the P & C wrote: "Dear Mr. Bloomfield, I am writing for the P & C to thank you for your ongoing effort in lobbying politicians on our behalf. We have recently received notification that the first stage of our new school building has been funded and is due to commence very shortly. We are sure this has a lot to do with the Votergrams you sent for us. If ever we need this type of assistance again we will be sure to contact you." M.W. Hon Sec.

Disability services for carers

When Leith approached FairGO to publicise the booklet "Who cares", we arranged to help her send a Votergram to politicians asking them to read it and do what they could to help. Within 45 minutes of us sending the Votergram, she received a response advising that the Shadow Minister had done just what she wanted.

Hospital closures

When the Government proposed to close Hornsby & Neringah hospitals in Sydney's North, worried residents phoned FairGO to help with their campaign to keep them open. The campaign was not very long but the two hospitals stayed open and have increased their services!

Bankers behaving badly

FairGO has helped many bank customers who have been lied to, cheated and defrauded by their banks to raise their stories in parliament, leading to the Royal Commission and to negotiate millions of dollars in debt write-downs to compensate them for their unfair and often illegal treatment.

Serious violent crime sentencing

Australians voters annoyed at judges and governments which seemed to actually encourage crime through lenient sentences and early releases approached FairGO for assistance to get sentences which more closely reflected the suffering inflicted on victims and families. This ongoing campaign has resulted in much fairer sentences to keep brutal criminals for re-offending.

Victims Impact Statements

An executive whose son was shot dead by thieves came to FairGO for assistance. By Police he had been told that he had no role in the court case prosecuting the murderers. With the help of Votergrams he convinced parliament to introduce legislation allowing relatives and victims themselves to give a Victims Impact Statement to a court so that the full impact of violent crime could be taken into account in sentencing.


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