For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government
Fairgo was formed to assist and advise individuals, small businesses and community groups wanting to influence governments more effectively.

FairGO established Votergrams in 1986. This communication mechanism allows low cost effective communications with politicians on any issue, large or small.

To remain independent, FairGO receives no government support. Thus it has been funded by the founder and users who pay small fees for services.

It has no party-political preferences whatsoever. Electing politicians is up to the people. FairGO wants whoever is elected to do what the people want. Hardly unreasonable!

FairGO has also sought to avoid becoming a power base, believing that instead, power should rest with the people it helps. It runs YOUR issues rather than asking you to support IT'S issues.

Where people or groups do not have the time, experience or inclination, FairGO will conduct their campaigns for them.

FairGO has formed a separate organisation called Voters.Network to allow the silent majority plus all sides of an issue to put their viewpoints and build support.

Responsibility for political comment by FairGO itself is taken by Greg Bloomfield, Turramurra, NSW, Australia.

Greg Bloomfield, Founder, FairGO. To book Greg as a speaker on how to make the most of Democracy,better for the whole community and individuals in it,Greg Bloomfield

Or call for a chat about how we can help you with your particular issues.Phone: 02 9988 3312, 0428 417 496