For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government




FairGO has worked with many different peak bodies, community organisations and individuals to significantly increase their power of political persuasion through strategic communication.

Bureaucrats can say “No!” very easily. Elected politicians can say “Yes!” just as easily. It is better to have politicians say “Yes” before the bureaucrats say "No!"

Two major factors affect political decisions –factual logic and votes.
In depth submissions and personal meetings provide factual logic.
Community Members own the votes in federal and state elections.
FairGO helps peak bodies leverage their lobbying through strategic involvement of their members.
Responsive politicians enjoy favourable publicity in their electorate, media and online. FairGO helps voters win by working with politicians rather than against them.

Services for businesses

FairGO helps business owners deal better with government requirements in their more powerful role as voters..

FairGO has available qualified accountants, business advisers and owners who have developed unique politically persuasive strategies free of party politics.

Services for farmers

FairGO has a farm specialist  who understands the special issues facing those in rural and regional Australia. FairGO gives farmers and their organisations the same power of political persuasion as their city cousins enjoy. The regional and rural community has the great advantage over city based bureaucrats of actually knowing what needs to be done in their areas because they live there.

Services for individuals, families and communities

FairGO provides enormous power to each individual Australian through unique leveraging techniques. Hundreds of people who were refused service by government staff have had it happily provided after they sought assistance from FairGO. FairGO can do more for them than most people ever imagine.

Political empowerment may involve:

The power of political persuasion makes life so much more liveable.

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