More dangerous than Covid– Election fever!!

Symptoms: High excitement, media frenzy, mixed messages, over-reaction, confused minds. Cure: write down now in your diary for May 21, […]

Why you should join FairGO’s Voters Network?

Because democracy is a society in which voters are key. They elect representatives (MPs) to a forum called parliament which […]

Police killing of Aboriginals will stop when the people make it stop!

Lawyer Teela Reid asks in today’s SMH “How much longer can the law justify the killing of Aboriginal people?” The […]

Let Aussieloanapps lighten your load!

Why do banks make such huge profits and pay their CEOs millions a month? Because some borrowers don’t seek competitive […]

Votergrams make powerful political allies!

Strikes & protests make powerful enemies. Nurses don’t have to strike to get patient/nurse ratios, shift bonuses and pay right. […]

Understanding Democracy

The Australian people have a fairy tale view of our democracy which causes them to be deprived of the benefits […]

Why join Voters Network?

A letter-writer to the Sydney Morning Herald 1/2/22 wrote “ It’s time the major parties took a stand to show […]

Aboriginal flag

The idea of flying the Aboriginal flag permanently on the Sydney Harbour Bridge seems to have some worthwhile advantages and […]

No President needed in a Democracy

The highly respected Republican Peter FitzSimons recommends a hybrid Republic with candidates for President nominated by each state government then […]

Voter Victory for Vaccine

Hearty congratulations are due to Professor Nikolai Petrovsky and his team at Flinders University in South Australia for their development […]