The Big Bad Bankers

Sometimes mortgage borrowers – business, farm and home buyers, must feel a bit like the Three Little Pigs under siege […]

Mortgage Loans are Risky Business

Farmers and small business owners work long hard hours, battle bad seasons and government policy to make ends meet, often […]

Banks make billions. Borrowers bear the burden! That’s not fair!!

Borrow Better, launched originally by GBAC as “Moneygrams” in 1987 for $100 ($250 today), helps borrowers contact more lenders for […]

Mortgage Prison or Debt Trap?

There is talk about “getting out of mortgage prison” today. But it is really a “Debt Trap” set by skilled […]

Votergrams beat protest any day

Recent riots, the downing of a Federal Senator by Police, protests and counter protests illustrate perfectly the wrong way for […]

Supercharge Your Voter Voice

Full page ad in the paper today by GetUp and some of those 1 million Aussies happy to delegate their […]

Thank you Jacinta Ardern

Thank you Jacinta Ardern for your example of kindness, generosity and compassion in government leadership. You have chosen well to […]

The 2023 Potential Debt Trap

Beware of the bank Bankers in particular knew that ultra-low interest rates were unlikely to last for long without a […]

Voterlobby Validates Democracy

There is so much talk about democratic disasters. Australia’s unique Voterlobby protects voters against such chaos by helping interested voters […]

Importance of a Voice

Every Australian already has access to a powerful Votergram Voice to every Australian Parliament. By one Votergram, one pharmacist persuaded […]